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As your IT consulting company, we approach your company using three pillars:

Architect - React - Consult (ARC)

Architect - Design a secure, state of the art network that meets the needs of your organization.

React - Ongoing monitoring alerts us if you ever have an outage.

Consult - Continually educate and assist as new technology and services are considered and/or implemented.

Many companies struggle with the day to day challenges of not only managing their business but also managing their network infrastructure!

It's been our experience, after meeting with business owners and executives around the country, that there is definitely a growing concern for all things network. Should we go to the cloud? There are so many vendors and they all say, "Our product is the best." How do we choose? Surveillance cameras are now cloud-based too? What should we do about access control?

Above all that, one of the growing concerns for any industry is the increasing threat of cybercrime and the security of your intellectual property.

These are just a few of the thoughts that go through the minds of executives. We at ARC are here to help reduce your stress. Whether it's a full blown network rollout or a few hours of consulting, we are committed to you and your success.

Call us today to schedule a free Physical Security Consultation. The entire process will take approximately 1 hour to complete, but you will be left with a solid plan and strategy for achieving your physical security goals.

One of our customers said it best - "Do yourself a favor."

We strive to be the best.

Bring peace of mind to your business

Whether you’re a small coffee shop, or a large chain, we will customize a solution just for you.

What's next?

Give us a call today and let's start the process.


Orchestrating the network rollout in a hotel is challenging

H.264, Botnet Command & Control, GPON, Cat6, 802.11ac, WIDS, Co-channel Interference, Chromecast … These are just some of the terms that get thrown around when designing a network. We specialize in bringing these discussions down to a level that makes sense!

We have structured our business in a way that takes the burden and stress off the owner and GM’s shoulders. As you work through your hotel project, having one fewer item to worry about lets you focus on other aspects. Let us manage the technical side of your design for you!

It takes a team …

Phones, Cameras, TVs, Wireless, Infrastructure Cabling, Cybersecurity, Casting Services, etc … Just about all of these services are provided by a separate vendor. The coordination of these forces is what we do so well.

Think of us as the General Contractor for your suite of technology.

We don’t stop when you open for business

Now you have a new state of the art hotel. It’s time to make sure it stays that way.

We offer extensive network monitoring services that continually monitor your system, so you can be proactive when an issue arises.

We can alert you if we see something odd happening in your network. It could be anything from a server that’s acting up to a wireless access point going offline or anything in between. These types of events can cripple a hotel if they occur at the wrong time.

Let us monitor your environment so you don’t get caught by surprise.

Next Steps…

It’s as easy as sending us an email or giving us a call. Getting us involved early is your first step to easing your stress.

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Physical Security

Physical Security is no different than any other technology

Surveillance and Access Control solutions have made monumental advances over the years. Long gone are the days of video tapes recording analog cameras. Now we have Video Management Systems (VMS) that orchestrate the storage and analytics of specialty IP-based cameras. Other options might be to deploy a full-blown cloud solution. How do you know which is best for your environment? What manufacturer solution should you use? What is the difference between H.264 and H.265? Do I even need to know?

We are the experts

We have developed strategic partnerships with various manufacturers and likeminded companies to provide peace of mind for our customers. Regardless of your needs, we can help you reach your goals. If we can’t help you, we will be upfront from the beginning so we don’t waste your time.

We have flexible options to support your business needs

For some companies it makes more sense to use capital funds to purchase a system. For others, operational funds make the most sense.

All of our systems include flexible support that covers unplanned outages and break fixes. You can also roll this into a managed service solution and let us manage all aspects of your system.

Whichever solution works for your business, we have flexible options to meet your needs.

Next Steps…

Give us a call today to schedule your free physical security consultation.

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Hotel VIA - SF

Hotel VIA – San Francisco, CA

Our plan for Hotel VIA was to create a boutique hotel that would stand out in the world of San Francisco hotels. Both the design as well as the functionality had to be beautiful, creative and forward thinking. As a new build hotel we had the opportunity to incorporate technology infrastructure that would be the best in the city, that would wow our guests and, as importantly, would be future ready. To do this we needed a partner that understood our goals and had the knowledge and background to realize our ambitions. 

Based on prior experience there was no doubt that Eric would be our go-to guy. While we initially engaged him to help us with the wireless piece of the pie, we quickly learned there was so much more that he could bring to the table.  Eric was able to be our complete network architect.

 As General Manager of Hotel VIA, I knew what we wanted for our guests but my level of knowledge with networking and how different solutions work together is very limited. I also had a problem understanding “tech talk.” Eric not only designed our entire network, he brought in the appropriate vendors and led this team in bringing Hotel VIA the advanced features that would create an amazing guest experience. Eric not only knows how to speak the tech language with vendors, more importantly he knows how to interpret it for lay folks like me so that I can understand what we’re doing and what the outcome would be.

 Hotel VIA has now been open for 20 months. Our technology is far ahead of our competitors and our guests love the experience. And Eric continues to maintain our entire infrastructure. We knew he was our guy from the beginning and since we’ve been open we continue to be impressed.

 Anyone looking to build a new hotel, or anyone in need of updating their existing hotel technology would do themselves a big favor by working with Eric. When it comes to technology and the guest experience, you need to do it right. With Eric you will be guaranteed to do it right.

Barbara Perzigian
General Manager


The Cupertino Inn

Cupertino Inn – Cupertino, CA

The Cupertino Inn, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, opened before the internet created the need for modern technology. The hotel needed someone who would know how to bring fast and speedy internet ability to a property that was built with no infrastructure for such a thing.   

In our attempts to develop the proper systems, we worked with several different vendors who all promised us a great outcome. None could produce a system that worked and we watched our loyal customers leave us because they needed internet capabilities that we couldn’t provide. As the Director of Sales and Marketing, I was helpless in making a case to keep our existing clients and having difficulty bringing in new clients to a hotel that couldn’t provide reliable internet access. 

Then we found Eric. Unlike all the others, he identified all problems and engineered the comprehensive solution that included complete removal of previous systems and the design and building of a system that resulted in great internet for our hotel guests as well as administration. Guests no longer complained about the inability to access the internet and we no longer had to look at ugly wireless antennas in our beautiful atrium area.  The final product was a wireless system that took our hotel from worst to first in wireless capability in Silicon Valley hotels.  And the best outcome was welcoming all of our guests back to a hotel they loved and now provided the critical service they needed.

 Don’t be fooled. There are a lot of pretenders promising to bring you the moon. Eric “speaks softly but carries a big stick.” If you want results, don’t waste time with big promises. Go directly to Eric. I promise you’ll love the result.

Jerry Leep
Director of Sales and Marketing

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